Why do I need financial support?

Why do I need financial support

I know for most people finances are very personal.  Because of the nature of supported ministry, I have not had the luxury of making financial decisions without people looking over my shoulder now.  Conversations that would normally be completely taboo are fair game.  Now I have had to answer questions about rent, spending habits, vacations, justify ministry costs and the list goes on.  This is not just to my employer but also to those who are financially supporting the ministry.    With that said, you are welcome as a supporter or someone who is considering financial support to ask us how the money will be used.  I am very aware that all money is God’s money and want to be a wise steward.  So here are a few answers to commonly asked (or just thought!) questions.

Why do I need financial support?

Now that I have been approved through ABWE, I can not leave for the mission field (either Germany or southern Brazil) until I am 100% supported by churches and/or individuals.  This is the nature of my ministry and it allows people, who can not move to a foreign mission field to participate and be invested in ministry together with me.

What will the money be used for?

My exact budget is still in process but any money given now gets me closer to the goal of being on the mission field by January 2017.  On this side of the pond it will be used for many things, some of which are: training expenses, insurance through ABWE (because they are my employer) and basic expenses to cover the cost of support raising.

How much do you need?

I don’t know at this time exactly what I will need because my budget is still in progress but I am looking towards the future and towards living in either Germany or southern Brazil.  Both of these locations need the gospel too and if this is where God would have me, finances will be taken care of.

Are financial gifts tax deductible?

Yes!  Everything given through ABWE to our account is tax deductible.

Why not just get another job and pay for this yourselves?

I firmly believe that I am operating in God’s economy.  I could scrimp and save and plan on working side jobs while I do full time ministry (which might happen anyway) but I truly view ministry as a cooperative effort.  People can pray for me and support me in other ways but having a financial stake in the ministry gets people literally invested in the work.  As Christians we are brothers and sisters across national borders, across denominations, across cultural divides.  Having people financially invested unites us in a special way.  I don’t want to take that opportunity away from people, especially not during this time of exciting change and transition.  Join me and see what God will do.

FYI: After reading this you are probably thinking that I am pretty good at word smithing.  The actual truth is that I am good at finding what others have written and then modifying it for my purposes.  Special thanks to my sister who crafted such a great page that I just had to take it.


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