Vacation Fun: Building a Spice Rack

I have two weeks off of Portuguese school between Christmas and New Years.  During this time I decided to build a spice rack for under my kitchen counter.  Doing a wood project is something that I have enjoyed while I have been here.  Wood projects are a little different here.  One of the major differences is that in the United States I would buy planks of wood an cut them down to size myself but here I go to the wood store and give them the specific dimensions (thickness, height, and length) that I want each piece of wood to be.  After ordering the wood I pick it up all cut out a day later.  One of the things that you have to worry about is that even though you gave them the exact dimensions the wood will still not come out all the same.  For example I ordered 6 pieces of (2.5 cm x 6 cm x 60 cm) the same size wood and I got 6 different lengths ranging from 59 cm to 62 cm.  This did not stop my from building the rack but it did slightly change the size of the finished project.


Fabrication Process

After constructing the spice rack I decided to stain it and the rack that I build to hold my BBQ tools.  It was interesting to stain the two racks inside of my apartment.  I put out a drop cloth and went to two staining both racks.  I enjoyed the process of applying both coats and thankfully the racks dried quickly because of the hot weather that was going on that day.

wood 1

Staining in the Apartment

I think that the spice rack turned out well.  I am pleased that the stain came out well and that the rack holds all of the spices that I have.

wood 2

Finished Product



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