Burger Time

One of the things that I enjoy doing is cooking and specifically sometimes I feel like cooking American favorites.  I recently purchased a new burger former here in Brazil and wanted to try it out so I invited over some friends and made some burgers.  Typically the burgers end up being 100-150 grams each but the burger maker ended up kicking out 200-250 gram burgers.  I was very pleased by the way that these burgers turned out.


Cheese Stuffed Burgers

On the grill the mozzarella stuffed burgers turned out great.  I was very pleased that the majority of the burgers stayed sealed while being completely cooked.  There was only two of the burgers who had some of the mozzarella escape.  I also fixed some of my favorite toppings for the burgers like brown sugar glazed bacon, avocado, tomato, red onion, lettuce along with two homemade sauces.  I made a green mayonnaise sauce with green onions and cilantro, which was awesome.  I also made a home made BBQ sauce that was the perfect blend of sweet, spicy, mustardy, and vinegary.

Burgers 1

Grilling on the Churrascaria

The burgers came out wonderful with the toasted buns from a local bakery being the perfect boat for the rest of the burgers.  The burgers came out so huge that even after squishing the burger it barely fit into my mouth.  However, the burger was great and I think that I ruined some of my friends because almost all of them said that it was the best burger they have ever had.  It always makes me feel good when I am able to make and enjoy some good food with friends.

Burgers 2

Final Product


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