First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that I normally spend with friends and/or family.  This year was my first Thanksgiving as a full time missionary in Brazil.  This year I was in charge of making the green bean casserole and the broccoli casserole.  I enjoyed making the casseroles and it seems like people enjoyed them because there was only a couple of servings of green beans left when I came home.


Broccoli, Bacon, Rice and Cheese Casserole

I loved that we were able to get together as a missions team for Thanksgiving.  We also were able to have some other expat’s come to the Thanksgiving festivities.  It was awesome to see the great turkey’s carved and then enjoyed by all.

Thanksgiving 1

Carving the Turkey

There was plenty of food for everyone to enjoy at the meal.  After the meal we were able to watch some American Football and play some games with the kids.  I really enjoyed my first Thanksgiving as a missionary in Brazil and I look forward to many more Thanksgivings in the years to come.

Thanksgiving 2

Plenty of food for everybody



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