Preparing to Preach

It takes a long time for me to properly prepare to preach.  The normal process begins with prayer and reading the passage multiple times.  Following reading the passage in English I then turn to the Greek or Hebrew and look at the passage in the original language.  Following the study of the language in the original languages I will then outline the message in English.  After that I would be ready to preach in English.  However, the process is much longer to prepare to preach in Portuguese.


Lots of Time Typing the Sermon in Portuguese

My limited language abilities in Portuguese necessitate me writing a manuscript of the entire sermon.  The manuscript is then edited and revised multiple times.  I think that I have 6-7 different revisions that happened to help me prepare for the message.  I am so indebted to my professor and all of the Brazilians who helped me with the grammar and revisions of what I was trying to express in Portuguese.

Preparation 3

Grammar Editing by my Portuguese Professor

One of the great things was thankful for were the people who didn’t know that they were going to help me with my sermon but did anyways.  One day while I was at the Hangout, a coffee shop in Sao Leopoldo, I couple of people who came in were able to read the entire sermon that was prepared at that point and give me some pointers with my grammar.

Preparation 2

Grammar Help from Non-Christians

One of the last steps was to meet with a couple of friends for the purpose of helping me with fine tuning what I was trying to say and also helping me with my pronunciation.  It was difficult but one of the meeting was held at the local Mexican food restaurant, this was good for Brazilian Mexican food.

Preparation 1

Reviewing the grammar with a Pastor Friend



One thought on “Preparing to Preach

  1. God is so faithful to put many people in your life and in your life’s path to help you with your language acquisition, pronunciation, grammar and your preparation. Your hard work and time investment will pay big dividends going forward. I was thinking the other day as I was prepping and then cooking eggs for 100 people at Mary’s Kitchen in Orange of what it was like to see my mother prepare food – whip up cookie dough, stir a pot of stew, prepare food by cutting/chopping, etc – and how difficult it was for me when I first started. It is a process that takes time and supervision and practice and “time in grade.” I am now able to cook and prepare well, and my abilities come in handy even when cooking in huge skillets and huge amounts.
    [the homeless and other poor people are fed breakfast or lunch and can take showers at Mary’s Kitchen every day – I work with our church peeps 1 Saturday breakfast a month]
    Love and prayers, Auntie Carolyn

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