National Bird Park

During afternoons at the conference we had free time where we could go and see some local sights, play games, catch up on sleep or get some work done.  On Monday afternoon a large group went to the National Bird Park.  I got a picture with my room mate Nathan at the entrance to the park.


My and My roommate

For the majority of the park I was walking with Jackson.  We had a great time seeing all of the different birds, crocodiles, snakes and lizards.  We got a great picture with Jackson’s favorite bird, the Toucan, in the background.

Birds 1

Me and Jackson

This bird park had different aviaries where we could view some very cool birds.

Birds 2

Cool Parrots

Many of these birds were so used to humans that it seemed like they would pose for the picture.  I found this bird hiding behind a pillar so that most people would not see him.  However he was at eye level for me and I was able to get some cool close up shots.

Birds 3


I forget what this bird’s name is but he has a very distinctive bump on the top of his head that I felt was very cool.

Birds 4

Unique Birds

This Parrot seemed to be modeling when I was taking pictures of him.  He would move a little and then pause and then reposition himself and pause again.  It was a great opportunity to see all of the cool birds at the park.

Birds 5

Big Parrot



One thought on “National Bird Park

  1. Looks like a really interesting park, Benjamin. What a display of the flying creatures in the Creator’s handiwork. I love the intense and varied coloration. Love and prayer, Auntie Carolyn

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