Culture Learning: Churrasco

One of the things that any missionary has to do is to learn the culture of the people and country where they are going to serve.  I have had some difficulty learning Brazilian culture but this time it was a joy.  An important aspect of the South Brazilian (Gaucho) culture is that of Churrasco or BBQ.  One night at the church they decided to make Costelas (Large Beef Ribs) and I had an opportunity to learn about this part of the culture from some of the men in the church.

Culture 1

Preparing the Meat (Costelas) Gaucho Style

It was great to be able to talk with these guys about some of the cultural differences in Churrasco in the United States and Brazil.  The simple difference is that in Brazil they like to really taste the flavor of the meat and only season it with salt while in the United States they like to add different flavors and sauces to the meat.

Culture 3

Learning from the Guys

The other thing that I really like about the Brazilian culture is that they cut slices off of the meat and snack as they cook.  I really enjoyed being able to sample the sausage and some of the meat that has already been cooked.

Culture 2

Snacking on meat

After the meat was cooked it was cut of the bones and into chunks before it was served.  These men are much more skilled with their knife work than I am but at some point in the future I hope to catch up. After reading this I am now hungry for Churrasco again and hope that you are too.  P.S. If you ever visit me we will definitely have to do Churrasco.

Culture 4

Costelas are served



One thought on “Culture Learning: Churrasco

  1. Your Uncle Don is very adept at slicing off + snacking while he grills. We call it “snitching.” His father was the original, + all 3 of your cousins are into serious snitching, given the chance. I have to factor in more meat when planning a grilled meal.
    I love the MacGuyver style churrasco grill in the pic. Looks like a grate off something else.
    I’m also happy that the men enjoy fellowshipping; it’s important for the church family.
    Hope u had a great birthday. Love, Auntie Carolyn

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