Research and Trimming the Bonsai

I did some research on my Bonsai tree and found out may interesting things.  The first is that the proper name is the Calliandra Emarginata or Calliandra Haematocephala.  The common name is the Dwarf Power Puff tree.  One of the reasons for this research was that my tree seemed to be growing out of control.  The tree’s continued growth is great but it seemed to be really spreading out so that it looked like a T.


Working on the shape

I found out that the time for trimming was during the spring and so I decided to trim the tree.  It is amazing to see all of the new growth that happened and how much I was able to trim back.  One of the things that I learned with trimming was that I should not trim off all of the new growth.  I hope that I trimmed the tree properly so that I get to see some red flowers later this year.

Bonsai 1

Trimmings from the tree



2 thoughts on “Research and Trimming the Bonsai

  1. Your plant looks really healthy to me. You must have a green thumb. Hope you are doing well. As always love your posts.

  2. You could use this as a spiritual metaphor – God “trims’ us in order for us to grow, but he never trims every limb and every bough to the max. Some of what needs to be done is our responsibility. He also doesn’t allow us to extend our boughs indefinitely in our own manner, but he encourages us to follow his prefect plan for our lives. Glad your’re enjoying your Bonsai. Another metaphor for ministering to the members of your flock and/or circle of influence – we cannot “trim” everything that needs trimming back to the nubs – one’s mentoree can only grow in limited areas of life in a limited fashion, one step at a time. However, he/she needs the gardener/mentor to help him/her make changes slowly but surely.
    Have a wonderful week, Benjamin. Love and Prayers, Auntie Carolyn

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