Cooking Brazilian (Pastel)

I have not tried to cook many authentic Brasilian food in my time here except for churrhasco.  For a while I have been thinking about cooking a Pastel but have not tried until now.  A pastel is a baked or fried pocket filled with sweet or savory stuffing.  I decided to make a savory pastel.

Pastel 1

Savory meat sauce

The most important part of a pastel is the sauce.  I made a meaty sauce with onion, bell pepper, garlic and a tomato base.  It would be a great sauce and was specifically made nice and think so that it would not run out of the cooked pastel.


Pre-baking pastel stuffed with cheese and meat sauce

I purchased the pastel dough and stuffed it with motzerella cheese and the prepared sauce.  I then placed it on top of a metal rack so that the bottom of the pastel would be crisped while I baked it.

Pastel 2

Post baking pastel

The pastel turned out great with the filling piping hot and the dough nicely browned.  It was great to have the pastel dough nice and crisp and the correct liquid content in the stuffing so it did not flow out of the pastel after I cut it.  I will definitely have to make this again because it turned out great.

Pastel 3

Yummy Dinner



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