Coaching Football

Over the past couple of months I have begun to help coach football.  There are some great opportunities which helping coach football provides.  The first is that of being able to practice my language skills.  I feel especially able to learn a simple phrase and then go to practice and use it repeatedly.  I also understand the game and am able to listen to what is said and pick up different words which will help me later during class.

Football 1

Beautiful Day for a Game

The second thing which is important is that I feel like I am able to get to know some people in a more organic way.  The guys know that I am here as a missionary and know that I don’t speak Portuguese very well but I am able to still help out.  There are mistakes that I make in speaking Portuguese but the guys are able to help correct me.  The most recent one that I can think of is that I told the guys that they should not have ice cream the day before the football game when I wanted to tell them that they should not drink beer the day before the football game.


Watching them get ready to run the next play

The drawback to coaching from the sideline is that I am more emotionally involved with the game that is being played.  It is different than being on the field and being able to personally affect the outcome of the game.



4 thoughts on “Coaching Football

  1. How fun, Benjamin. Who knew when u played high school football (+watched years of TV football,) that the Lord would use that experience to help you minister in Brazil. It is more emotional to be on the sidelines, but it is also a great life lesson since our journey in life is a series of participation + then stepping back into other roles. The beauty for Christians is that God can + does prepare us + equip us at all points of our journey. Love you + praying for you. Auntie Carolyn

  2. Good way to learn. I just read some of the teams comments and did the translations and could compare the words. Made a little more since. Hope you are doing well!

  3. You have always been a good ‘coach’, having coached basketball, youth sports in the summer…I am excited that this is a very creative way that God is teaching you the language.
    I always encouraged you to read and didn’t mind what you were reading, just that you were doing it. God is giving you opportunity here to share something you love and let the students also share with you. win! win! I’m sure the head coach is grateful for the help!!!

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