Things I Enjoy about Brazil (#1-5)

There are many differences between the United States and Brazil.  Some of them I enjoy and some of them I find very frustrating.  I would like to begin to list many things that I enjoy about Brazil.  Some will be trivial and some profound but all are my opinion.

  1. Having a light switch at the head of my bed that controls the light in my bedroom.


    Easy to Reach Switch

  2. Coke is better in Brazil.


    My Stash of Coke and other drinks

  3. I know my Butcher.


    My Local Butcher, Ze, hooks me up with quality meat

  4. Brazilian BBQ is great and is built into most homes.  Mine is located in my family room, makes it easier to grill.


    Built in BBQ Pit

  5. One of the things that I get frustrated with using the English language is the lack of a plural you.  The Portuguese language has the plural you in the language (Voces) and I intend to put it to good use.  Those of youall in the south know what I am talking about.

2 thoughts on “Things I Enjoy about Brazil (#1-5)

  1. Haha. When I “taught” Latin I first taught them y’all so I didn’t have to keep saying plural you. It’s seriously lacking in CA English. “You guys” is a horrible substitute.

  2. What a fun commentary on your enculturation + transitioning from living in the states to living in So Brazil.
    I love the “Y’all” comment on your language Voces. I love you, Benjamin. Auntie Carolyn

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