15 Reasons Why I am Unable to Sleep

Normally I do not have a sleeping problem.  I used to think that I could sleep well everywhere.  I have normally had trouble sleeping for a night or two in a new place but it only lasts until I get used to all of the new sights and sounds.  Over the past few weeks I have not been able to sleep well at all.  5-6 hours a night are normally enough for me to function but I have been averaging 4-5 hours a night recently.

The inability for me to sleep has led me to reflect on some excuses that my cousins child had to not be sleeping.  Here is a partial list of his excuses: his was thirsty, hot, needed socks, he saw a cat pooping on the lawn, his parents didn’t kiss him goodnight, he misses his mom, he love his mom, he needed to give one more hug, he heard his sister kicking the wall, he is not tired, he is cold, and he want’s his back scratched just to name a few.  While he had many excuses I also have a few of my own.


Nice Bed to Sleep In

I have had enough time to analyze why I have not been able to sleep.  Here are a list of reasons why I have not been able to sleep recently.

  1. The bed is not comfortable.
  2. It is too cold in my apartment.
  3. It is too cold in my bed.
  4. I can hear the refrigerator running.
  5. I can hear the windows rattling in my apartment.
  6. I can hear the rain pounding the window.
  7. I have acid reflux from eating too late at night.
  8. I have acid reflux from eating to much sugar.
  9. I have too much on my mind to sleep.
  10. I am worried about language school.
  11. I am just not tired.
  12. There is lots of caffeine in my system.
  13. I took a long nap that day.
  14. It is stuffy in my room.
  15. I am so tired that I can’t sleep.

I have done my best to deal with all of the excuses that have stopped me from being able to sleep at night.

  1. The bed is comfortable.
  2. I turned on the heater.
  3. Put on new blankets on the bed and purchased another one.
  4. I closed the door to my room.
  5. I closed the storm shade.
  6. I stopped eating right before I go to bed.
  7. I have changed my diet from eating as much sugar.
  8. I have tried to get more exercise each day.
  9. I have tried to stop drinking as much caffeine each day.
  10. I have tried to get on a schedule of when I go to sleep and when I get up.

One of these days I will either get too tired to stay awake and start to get some consistent sleep or I will figure out a way to actually get some regular rest.


2 thoughts on “15 Reasons Why I am Unable to Sleep

  1. Ben, I too am having sleep issues. I told Garry it’s because I have too many Bangla words , phrases and grammar rules floating around in my head and my brain is still trying to file them away. Garry says I’m stuck in the beach ball- the symbol your computer gives you when you try to do something but it’s working on something else!

  2. You are definitely systematic about your assessments, Benjamin. I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t have a cool potty excuse like your cousin’s kid – cat on the lawn. Just kidding. I will add this request to my prayer list for you. I will also be praying that the Lord will help you trust Him and rely on Him more to help you with the enculturation in Brazil. It is a huge life change you made, and even the excitement and confidence that this is where the Lord has led you contributes to the stress. “Come to me, all you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matt 11:28
    “Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.” Ps 62;5-6
    Love and prayer, Auntie Carolyn

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