Apartment Issues

I really am blessed to have my apartment.  However, there are some issued that I have found with the apartment recently.  During the first major rain storm I found a couple of places that were leaking.  One leak was found under the wall near the churrasqueira.  It was interesting to see the water seeping in along one of the seems.

apartment 1

Water Leak between the cracks

Another place that I found a leak was behind the tiles in the laundry room.  It was interesting to see the water seeping through the back of the tiles.


Water Leaking through the walls

The third issue that I have found was that my churrasqueira cracked the second time that I used it.  With me being the first to live in this apartment I did not expect the crack to appear already.

apartment 2

Crack in the Churrasqueira

The crack spread down the wall in front.  As I think back the crack was probably due to the differential heating of the materials.  I am thankful to have the real estate office say that they were going to take care of these issues.  I realize that these are minor issues and I am so thankful for my apartment.

apartment 3

Crack in the Granite of the Churrasqueira



First Churrasco

I have tried to invite people over to my apartment regularly.  Before last Friday night I had not ever made churrasco, Brasilian BBQ, by myself.  The churrasceira, Brazilian BBQ pit, had only been used once before by a friend of mine who grilled.


Seasoning the Meat


When making churrasco it is important to order some good meat.  I only know how to order a couple of different kinds of meat from the butcher so I ordered what I know how to say, linguisa and filet minion.


Meat on the Churrascaria

I enjoy cooking a good meal.  A good meal is best eaten when shared by friends.  I not only made steak and sausage but also seasoned sliced baked potatoes which were excellent.  I believe that my guests also had a good time.


Friends to enjoy the food


New and Old Buildings

The new building was not completed in time for the dedication service last Sunday.  Instead we had a time of prayer and gratitude before the church service.  It was great to see the looks on some of the people who attended the time of prayer and gratitude.


Entrance into New Building

Everyone enjoyed the progress that has been made on the building.  The main area will be a great place for church services, soccer, basketball and other activities.

church 1

Gratitude for New Building

After seeing the new building we came back for the church service in the current building.  It was great to see all of the people worshiping.

church 2

Packed Service

This church service also was a send off for the missionary who helped start this church.  The Richner’s are going on furlough and last Sunday was their last service in Brasil.

church 3

Expression of Gratitude to Missionaries


Football Practice

On Sunday I went to the football practice for the Porto Alegre Bulls.  After watching them get beat in their last game I wanted to come and see their practice.  I got to practice and joined the offensive line and running back drills.

football 3

Offensive Line Drills

The offensive line is coached by one of the missionaries on the team.  It is good to see one of the guys that I had met when I visited in 2015.  While at practice I was able to give some of the linemen and running backs tips on how to get better.

football 4

Live Team Drills

It was good to see the linemen and running backs applying what they learned during the team drills later in practice.  I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the running backs and linemen picked up a couple of the tips.

football 5

Live Action


Universal Church of the Paz

While visiting some other missionaries they talked about this 30 foot statue of Mary that they saw.  We decided to go and see the statue.  It turns out that this statue is one of about 40 different temples which are on the Universal Church of the Paz property.

universal 4

Statue of Mary

We were able to meet the daughter of the founders.  She was able to tell us a little about the property.  She said that even though this is the Universal Church of the Peace property they welcome all peaceful religions.  She said that budist’s, hindu’s, and other religions like them will find a temple here where they can worship.

universal 1

Temple to Saint George

One of the missionaries was a little creeped out with all of these different temples.  I have to say that I felt a little weird.  I felt mostly in awe of the entire property and kept on thinking, “How can I place like this really exist?”

universal 2

Temple to Another Person

There were temples to the peaceful water lady.

universal 3

Temple to the Water Lady

The second most imposing structure was a pyramid that was on one part of the property.  It was crazy to see the lions guarding the path to the temple entrance.  One day I will have to go back and take a tour and get some more background on all of the individual temples.


Pyramid Temple