Wonderful Wedding

Going to my first wedding in Brazil was an experience that I will never forget.  I had a great time and it was awesome to see Wendell and Sara get married.  Weddings in Brazil have some similarities and differences.  There was a message delivered by the pastor on what was I think the role of the husband and the wife.

Wedding 1

Beginning of the Ceremony

One of the differences was that the wedding party took some pictures after the wedding with the guests still in their seats.  I was even able to catch one of the pastors in the background behind the wedding party.


Wedding 4

Wedding Party Pictures

Another difference was that the wedding guests also took pictures after the wedding.  I enjoyed taking pictures of some of the other guests.

Wedding 5

Some of the Youth at the wedding

I was a late addition to the wedding and I didn’t have a table at the reception.  It turned out nicely for me as I was able to join the table with the youth and had a great time talking with all of these people.  Table conversations at a wedding are similar no matter what country you are in.

Wedding 6

My table at the reception

Instead of the money song where people pay to dance with the bride or groom in America they have the pass the shoe.  Passing the shoe gives the wedding guests an opportunity to provide some spending money for the bride and groom on their honeymoon.

Wedding 7

Pass the smelly shoe




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