Discipleship in Nepal

There are a great many opportunities for discipleship all over the world.  One of the best discipleship training organizations is the Gospel for Life.  Jay Wegter is the Executive Director of the Gospel for life and was invited to come to Nepal to do some discipleship training for pastors all over the country.


Presentation on Gospel for Life Nepal Trip

In December Jay was able to travel to Nepal and hold 20 training sessions on Discipleship.  It was so encouraging to hear all about how the pastors responded to the exhortation to become Ephesians 4 pastors who disciple others and not just preach from the pulpit.  It is exciting to be able to see national pastors who are prioritizing discipleship.


Excitement about Discipleship Opportunities in Nepal

It is my desire that there be generations of pastors and church leaders all over the world who will be disciple makers.  In the future I am praying that there will be many pastors and church leaders in Brazil who are disciple makers.


The River Run’s Over

My parents live on the Sacramento River and I have always wanted to see what it would be like to have their yard flooded.  I was surprised to see how high the water got.


The Flooding Begins

The flooding begins from the downstream side of their property and the water begins to run into all of the low areas.


Flooded over the bank

The river has overflowed the bank and filled in all of the low areas.  It is amazing to see all of the water flowing down.


No More Bank


Last Meals: Bacon Wrapped Extravaganza

I was able to cook a meal with my dad the other week.  I had a hankering to cook bacon wrapped cheese stuffed meatballs and then I saw a recipe for bacon wrapped cheese bites.


Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Meatballs and Chicken Bites

Together we prepped the food.  It was great to have a second pair of hands to cut the chicken, cheese, and bacon.  The wrapping process also went smoother with two set’s of hands.


Bites covering the entire smoker

When we finished the raw preparation we were left with 62 awesome meat bites that covered the entire smoker.  One of the hardest parts was waiting for 2 1/2 hours for the bites to be fully cooked.


Cooked bites before BBQ glaze

Two hours into the cooking I opened the grill to the wonderful sight above.  It was then that I added a BBQ glaze to the bites.  30 minutes later we had the wonderful bites pictured below.


Bites are ready for Eating

I know that my dad and I were able to create a wonderful meal for the family because we all enjoyed dinner.  I enjoyed it so much that I made enough so that I have been able to eat this meal 4 more times.


Awesome family meal



Missionary Visa Application

Applying for a Missionary Visa has been a difficult process.  When I first went to the Brasilian consulate in San Francisco I was told that I did not have everything that they needed.  The drive is both brutal and beautiful from Sacramento to San Francisco.

I left and tried to get together everything that they required.  During the first visit I was told that the missionary visa (VII) is the hardest and most complicated of all of the visa’s that Brasil offers.


Welcome to the Brasilian Consulate

Last week I was able to go to the consulate and apply for the missionary visa again.  This time I had all the documents that they asked for and it was very easy.  I walked up to the window and they even handed back some of the documents because I gave them more than they wanted.  I hope to receive my visa on January 31st.

Until Next Time!

This past week has been spent enjoying the company of many friends.  Many of these meetings have happened over food.  One of these meals was at a new place to me, Captain Kidd’s.


Great Lobster Bisque in a Bread Bowl

It is also encouraging to have people who want to take a picture with me.  I am enjoying having these pictures so that I can also remember them.



I will miss my Friends


I am visiting other friends and going to many different places that have special meaning for me.  I have devoured these times and have cherished each of these meetings.



Devouring all of the Until Next Times


The Battlefield of the Mind

Every believer has a great battle field upon which a war rages almost without a break.  This battle field is that of the mind.  I have to say that recently it feels like I have been lazy in my approach to this battle field but I have been reminded of the importance of this field through some sermons that I listened to and also at a time of discipleship on Friday January 6.


It was during the time of discipleship that my friend Jay Wegter drew this picture.  I know that he has referenced it before but for some reason it stuck out in my mind this time so much that I had to take a picture.  The battle field of the mind can be broken up into 4 quadrants: Intellect, Affections, Will, Conscience.  These can all work together to glorify God or they can be at enmity with one another.


The Intellect quadrant is the front line of this battle.  The intellect is the first faculty of the mind that wages war with the external or internal inputs.  It is here where many people think that the battle is won or lost, but that is not the case.  This is the easiest place to win the battle but if a foothold is established here the battle can still be won.  Victory after loosing the battle in the intellect is simply more difficult to achieve.


James 1:14-15

The second quadrant is that of the Affections.  It is this area where what a person desires will bring them closer to action.  James 1:14-15 talks about being enticed by your own desires and those desires eventually bring forth sin and death.  Affections is that which describes your desires or wants.  We can be either overcome by our desires to please ourselves or to be overcome by the character of God.  In Romans 12:2 Paul talks about renewing the mind of the believer so that you will not forget how great your affections should be towards God.


Romans 12:2

The third quadrant is Will.  Will is the implementation of actions that you desire to do.  It is not too late to stop sin in this quadrant but one who finds themselves fighting in this quadrant are most likely to loose the sinful battle.  Romans 12:2 talks about how we can approve of and know what is good and pleasing in God’s will.  The thought is that when your will and God’s will are aligned then your actions will be pleasing to him but when you do your own will then it will definitely not be pleasing to God.



Was that a right or wrong decision?


It is here that the conscience takes over in the fourth quadrant.  If your will leads to actions which are not in accordance with what God desires than you will be condemned for your actions.  This condemnation will normally lead to a deterioration between how close the 3 other quadrants are.  If your actions are in accordance with the will of God than your conscience will affirm the actions your will, affections and intellect which will draw them all closer together.

Head Band Game

I have enjoyed many evenings with the Silverman’s.  I had an opportunity to spend time with the Silverman’s recently.  This might be the last evening that I spend with them for a long time.


Guess what I am?

I didn’t think that the headband game would be as fun as it was.  I really enjoyed my time playing this game.  I think that it would be a fun game to play again in the future.


Headband Game with the Silverman’s


Send Off Open House

My sending church had a send off open house for me this past weekend.  I was so blessed to have many people from my church and friends from other churches come to an open house which was hosted by friends from church.  It was awesome to have many friends come to say good bye.


Send Off Party

I will miss talking with these friends when I move to Brazil.  I am thankful that I had a chance to talk with some of them during the send off party.  It was also so encouraging to see all of my friends enjoying one another’s company during the party.


Catching Up with Friends and receiving encouragement

My sending church is also a praying church.  My friends also took some time during this party to pray for me.  It was precious to see one of their kids raise their hand to pray for me even though that precious girl did not end up praying.


Praying with my Friends

I don’t like to say “Good Bye” so I prefer to say “Until next time” and I got to say that to my friends.  I also received a gift basket from them with 12 months of gifts from my sending church.  There is a different gift for each month of the year to remind me of their care and probably things which I will miss from the US in Brazil.


A gift for every month


Send Off Service

It was a blessing to be sent off by my church this past Sunday.  It was awesome to get up in front of a packed out church and be able to preach the word.  I was so excited to be able to share my heart with Placerita Bible Church.  I preached from 1 Thessalonians 1:2-8 on the Results of Gospel Transformed Life.  This passage is near and dear to my heart as it describes my desire for the ministry in Brazil.  If you want to listen to the sermon please use the link.


Preaching the Word

I was very encouraged to have my elders pray for me before I leave for Brazil.  I am so thankful to enjoy a great send off service on January 8th at Placerita Bible Church.


Being Prayed for by the Elders

Prayer is a very important thing for every missionary and I appreciate all of those who are holding “The Rope” for me.  “The Rope” is my monthly prayer letter which is sent to everyone who wants to pray for me.  PBC gave me a plaque with a picture to remind me that they are praying for me.


Reminder of PBC’s Prayers


Results of Discipleship (Discipleship #6)

Discipleship is not always a linear process and you should not think about it like a cause and effect type situation.  Discipleship has two general categories of results those which are discouraging and those which are encouraging.  If you are discipling people you need to remember that the results which you see should not determine if you are successful or not.  Success in discipleship is determined on if you continue to disciple people no matter if the results are discouraging.  Jesus, who was the greatest disciple maker of all, disciple 13 men and not all of their results were encouraging.  Judas did not continue to walk with Christ.  Don’t be discouraged when not everyone who you disciple follows Christ closer after being discipled. I could give you personal examples of all of these but if you start discipling then you will have your own should you persevere in your discipleship.

Discipleship 4

Discouraging Results

  1. Not all Disciples will be true Disciples. Example: Matthew 27:3 – Judas Iscariot
  2. Disciples will not always turn immediately from their sins. Example: 1 Thessalonians 5:14 – Be patient with all
  3. Disciples will disappoint you. Example: Acts 15:37-38 – John Mark
  4. Disciples will not always get along with their discipler. Example: Acts 15:37-38 and 2 Timothy 4:11- John Mark


Encouraging Results

  1. Disciples will make other Disciples. Example: 2 Timothy 2:2 – Timothy
  2. Disciples will turn from their sins. Example: 2 Corinthians 2:5-11 –  Sinner needing to be welcomed back
  3. Disciples will encourage their discipler to become more like Christ. Example: Proverbs 27:17 – One man sharpens another
  4. Disciples will get along with their Discipler. Example: Acts 9:27 – Barnabas