The Destination or The Journey

While hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park I had some time to think about many different things.  One of the items that I contemplated was “Am I focused on the Destination or the Journey?”  The hike was the catalyst for this train of thought.  I would pass groups going up and down to different destinations and wonder why it took them so long.  Was it just my long legs that carried me farther and faster or was it my drive to get to the end?

As I contemplated this on my hike I came to the conclusion that I was a destination focused hiker and also destination driven as an individual in life.  In hiking and in life, I typically think of what I want the end goal to be and then just go for it.  I do not often stop on the way or look at scenery along the path but keep on striving for the final destination.  This leads to the end result of getting to where you are going faster than others but not always seeing the beauty that you passed getting to your final destination.

Walking Perspective 1

Beautiful Waterfall Destination

I am not typically the kind of person who enjoys the journey to get to the destination.  The one who enjoy’s the journey at times does not get to the final destination in an expedient manner or by the most direct route.  However, their view of the journey is probably more enjoyable than mine as my view is normally of my own feet making sure that I arrive safely to the next mile marker or interim goal.

Walking Perspective

My View on the Way

As a destination person there are some issues. Some of these issues are that I can forget the beauty along the way, miss unexpected opportunities, and hurt people as I drive towards my final destination.

I hope to be able to enjoy the journey more in the future.  Not only when I am on a hike but also in life.  I know that I tend to be driven to arrive or achieve a goal but there are many great things that I know I am prone to missing along the way.  I hope to enjoy the best of both being destination and journey focused in the future.


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