Encouraging Discipleship

Discipleship is normally thought of as a very hard and discouraging.  During discipleship you get to hear about the difficult life circumstances, sinful personal actions, and answer hard questions about the bible.  This is normally all that people think about.  However, discipleship is so much more.  You also have the joy’s of hearing about the victories over the life circumstances, leaving of sinful patterns in a person’s life, and watching men grow up and use their spiritual gifts.

I have had the privilege of watching Pat grow up over the past 8 years or so.  We have walked through difficult issues together.  We have also walked through some joyous times together.  On June 29 I had the JOY of participating in one of those joyous times.  Pat is candidateing for a youth pastor position at Christ Community Church.

Pat Faus 2

Pat preaching

A part of the candidateing process was Pat preaching at the Wednesday night service.  I made a point to attend his preaching.  I know that it was difficult and encouraging for Pat to see me at the service.  I can’t help but feel so encouraged because I was able to see the LORD work in Pat’s life.  This is one of my greatest JOY’S.

Pat Faus 1

Pat making a point


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