Men’s Night at the Game

One of the greatest American past times is watching a Baseball game.  Our men’s ministry decided to go to a Dodger baseball game in June.

Dodger Game

Good views of the entire field

I am not a great fan of baseball but I do appreciate the game enough to be able to enjoy seeing a game or two every year.  There are two things which make a great game for me to see and enjoy.  The first is a great pitching match up.  The second is good conversation with friends that I go to the game with.

Dodger Game 2

Good conversation during the game

Where we sat in Dodger Stadium gave us a good view.

Dodger Game 1

View of the Stadium


Home Cooking (Part 2)

As I have been house sitting it has afforded me the pleasure of making my own food.  I had a hankering for steak and eggs so I invited a friend over and I cooked us some steak and eggs with grilled onions and bell pepper.

My Own Kitchen 6

What’s for Brunch

I have always enjoyed grilling steaks.  BBQ steak is one of my favorite things to eat.  I made a nice dry rub for the steak.

My Own Kitchen 7

Steaks on the BBQ. Yum!

It is wonderful the way that the steak, grilled onions and bell peppers, and scrambled eggs came out.

My Own Kitchen 8

Steak and Egg breakfast with grilled sides

My Office

While traveling I often find myself working at Starbucks.  I don’t even like coffee but in the United States I can drink tea and get 4-5 hours of work done each day at Starbucks.  Starbucks also provides internet capabilities that allow me to do all of the assignments and work which needs to be done. Besides the ability to get work done Starbucks is also a great place to have meetings with many different people.

Starbucks 2

Starbucks Office No. 1

Working at Starbucks also gives me an opportunity to do something that I really enjoy,   Starbucks evangelism.  People come to Starbucks to have coffee and talk with people.  The ability to interact with people in a comfortable environment is great.  I have had many gospel conversations with different people at Starbucks during my time on deputation.

Starbucks 1

Starbucks Office No. 2

Home Cooking (Part 1)

I have not had my own kitchen sense February  and so I have a backlog in different meals that I have wanted to make.  Now that I am house sitting this month I have the opportunity to cook for myself.  The first thing that I wanted to cook was Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Meatballs.  Hmmm, they were good.

My Own Kitchen 1

Ingredients for the dish

The meatballs were surprisingly easy to make.  Seasoned ground beef was wrapped around a mozzarella square, encased in an onion skin, and then wrapped in bacon.

My Own Kitchen 2

Pre-Cooking Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Meatballs

A short 40 minutes later at 425 and they were ready for the glaze.  They looked good enough to eat without the BBQ sauce glaze.

My Own Kitchen 3

Pre-Glazed Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Meatballs

A quick 5 minutes later and they came out with crisp bacon ready to eat.

My Own Kitchen 4

Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Meatballs

I put them on a bed of spiced rice and they were wonderful.  This is definitely going on the plan to make again.  The only two things that I would change were get bigger onions and place the meat balls on a tray which would elevate them in the pan.

My Own Kitchen 5

Dinner is Served

Hiking Highlights

Hiking this past week was very interesting.  A couple of days I began my hike before the sunrise in the morning.  During those days I was able to enjoy beautiful sunrises.  It is interesting to begin a hike in the dark and then get some light later along the journey.

Beautiful Sunrise

Beautiful Sunrise

One of the hikes that I went on during the week was up to the top of the hills behind where I was staying.  It was great to have a beautiful view about half way through the hike.  Although I enjoyed the hike I actually walked one of my companions into the ground.  On the way back Stormy would walk ahead of me to the next shady spot and then lie down.  She proceeded to do this for the last half a mile of the hike.

Out of Gas

Ran Out of Gas

For the last few weeks I have noticed that there are many more snake crossings on the trails that I have been hiking.  I was walking back one of the days and I almost stepped on this racer.  Although not poisonous I still am glad that I avoided stepping on this snake.

Racer Snake

First Snake Sighting

Some times you just need to Stop

I have driven all over California meeting with people to share with them about Brazil.  At times I get tired while I am driving to my next meeting.  In my youth I would just push through and hope to make it to the destination on time.  Now I found myself pulling over and enjoying a stroll to wake up.

I was driving up to San Luis Obispo, a few months ago, and felt very tired.  I was almost falling asleep at the wheel.  I had driven along this road many times and had never stopped at The Yellow House in Summerland, CA.  This time I just pulled off the freeway and took a nice stroll.  I found a beautiful view of the oil rigs off the coast.

Summerland View

Pacific Ocean from Summerland, CA

Summerland was a nice quaint town that had some nice antique and boutique shops.  The stroll helped wake me up and get the blood flowing.

Summerland Big Yellow House

Downtown Summerland, CA

Hard Gospel Opportunities

At times I find myself witnessing alone. However, witnessing alone or with others I normally find myself scared to share the gospel with others.  While in Berkeley I went witnessing.  During my time in Berkeley I found myself more scared than normal.  I ended up walking around and praying fervently for most of the time.

Cal Berkeley

Cal Berkeley

When I was struck by the lack of people present during Saturday morning along Telegraph and at the UC Berkeley.  Normally when witnessing the hardest person to talk with is the first that I engage.  It was no different during this time.  I had the hardest time talking with the first person.


Telegraph Avenue Berkeley

Some times when I go witnessing the LORD has alternative plans for the time than for me to be engaged in gospel conversations with people.  My time in Berkeley was one of those times.  I struggled to begin a conversation and while praying for the LORD to provide the courage to engage someone in the gospel he was at work in a different manner.  It was my own heart and motivation that he was going to work on that day.  I was deeply convicted that at times I share the gospel in my own strength and for the approval of others.


Preaching at Anza Avenue Baptist Church

On May 29th I had an opportunity to preach at Anza Avenue Baptist Church in Torrance, CA.  It was a great opportunity to not only preach on Sunday morning but to also to share about the ministry in South Brazil.  I was so encouraged by the opportunity to share but also that some of my friends who were able to make the trip to come and worship with me at Anza.

Preaching at Anza 1

Behind the Pulpit

I opened the scriptures from 1 Thessalonians 1:2-8 and preached on the “Results of a Gospel Transformed Life”.  I love preaching on passages that have impacted my own life.  If the scripture has impacted my life it is always easier to preach or teach the truth to others.

Preaching at Anza

Making a Point while reading

Wonderful Wedding

On May 21st a good friend of mine, Josh Converse, got married.  I had the privilege of being a groomsman at the wedding.

Josh Wedding 2

Getting the Groom Ready

All of the groomsmen had a great time.  It was great to begin the day with some time of prayer with all of the other groomsmen.

Josh Wedding 3

Groomsmen are Ready

The wedding was a great Christ honoring time.  During the rehearsal and on the wedding day the entire bridal party had a great time hanging out.  Here is one picture of me and one of the bride’s maids, I think that we both were enjoying ourselves.

Josh Wedding 1

Waiting with Anna

Cross Country Planning.

Cross Country Trip

Churches, Families and ABWE Headquarters

In July and August of this year I will be making a trip cross country to attend Essential Missions Components (EMC) training at the ABWE headquarters.  I will be in Harrisburg, PA from July 25 through 29.  Planning this cross country trip has been a little stressful but it is a required part of being a missionary.

I am looking forward to seeing as many of the families and churches on this map that I can.  I have specifically omitted California from this map due to the overwhelming number of families and churches.

I will post my route once it is confirmed.  However, if you want me to try and stop by please send me an e-mail (