First Church Presentation

My sending church, Placerita Bible Church, had an evening service for missions at the end of January.  It was a great time where the church was able to hear about the many missionaries and sing some of our favorite hymns.  Lord willing, my sending church is sending out two different long term missionaries this year, Fiji and South Brazil.  There were also many who are going to participate in short term missions this year.  I shared about my journey to missions and South Brazil.20My favorite part of the evening was when one of our elders got up to pray for me going to South Brazil.  I loved that my elders prayed for and with all of the missionaries regularly both privately and publicly.34Our church organized a fellowship after the service where I set up a display table.  I was so encouraged by the people who signed up to receive newsletters and prayer letters.  Display at Church


Towsley Canyon Hike

A group of friends and I went hiking at Towsley Canyon.  It was a very enjoyable time and we had some good conversation about missions and evangelism during the hike.  The hike was originally going to be the 6 mile version but we decided to take the 2 mile version instead.  That meant instead of going up and down 1,400 feet over 6 miles we did it over 2 miles instead.  Shorter distance but more difficult hike. Towsley Canyon Short HikeI think that everyone enjoyed the hike, even the baby.  I just love her excited look in the photo below.  Check out the great view from the top of the hike. Top of the Hike 2

Destination South Brazil

I am so excited to announce that I am going to South Brazil as a missionary with ABWE.

I went on a survey trip to South Brazil for 3 weeks in November and December 2015. During this survey trip I spent all of my time in the State of Rio Grande Do Sul.  It is the most southern state in Brazil.  I spent most of my time in the area surrounding Porto Alegre.  Below you will find 9 reasons why I am excited to go to South Brazil.

Brazil State Map

1) The idolatry in Brazil is front and center in the culture.  The picture below is of the Fresh Water Idol in Porto Alegre, notice the fresh offerings and candles which are below the idol.

Brazil Freshwater Idol

2) The Roman Catholic presence is strong in Brazil.

Brazil Catholics.jpg

3) I have a growing love for the people in Rio Grande Do Sul.  It seems like the children like me also.

Brazil Ministry

4) There are great opportunities to share the gospel with people in Rio Grande Do Sul.  The picture below is of a missionary sharing the gospel in a shoe factory that is owned by a man who had his life transformed by the gospel.

Brazil Gospel Opportunities

5) The ABWE missions team in South Brazil works closely with national pastors.  They meet regularly with national pastors of like minded churches in the area that they work in.

Brazil National Pastor Meeting

6) There are national churches who are passionate about church planting and asking for help.  Below is a church in Santa Cruz that wants to plant 52 churches in the region around their church.

Church in Santa Cruz

7) ABWE supports national churches planting national churches.  Below from left to right are two church planters, the mother church pastor, and the Brazilian director of ABWE.

Brazil National Church Planters

8) Fellowship is sweet in Brazil.  I enjoyed the times getting together to spend time and talk with pastors of like minded national churches.

Brazilian Fellowship

9) Brazil loves BBQ.  This is the cherry on top of the cake.  It is not necessary but it is absolutely awesome.  I can’t wait to get back to have some more.

Brazilian BBQ