Pismo Beach Pier Evangelism

One of the places that I first went and shared the gospel was the Pismo Beach Pier.  I have been reflecting on my first intentional evangelistic event that I participated in.

The very first time that I came here to evangelize there were many more people and I was very scared to talk with anyone about the gospel.  I had to ask, John who was driving me,  “How do I share the gospel with someone?” and “What do I do if someone wants to repent?”  I was terrified and tried to use these as excuses to not share the gospel.  Instead, John told me that I can share the gospel by handing out gospel tracts to people.  He also said that if someone wants to repent that I could take them through the Romans Road.  He took our 20 minute drive and helped me to remember the message that I was going to share.  We got out of the car and he immediately started handing gospel tracts to people. I followed suit and by the end of that time I was talking with anyone who came to the pier.

Pier evangelism is great as you can hand someone a tract when they walk down the pier and then they have to pass by you again when they leave the pier.  It gives you an opportunity to follow up with them within 5 minutes or so of them receiving the gospel tract.

Reflecting upon that first time I was taken there to share the gospel I find myself in a similar place at every subsequent gospel event.  Even though I have shared the gospel in many different places/contexts with many people there are still a few things that still are true.  1) I am scared to share the gospel with everyone when I begin. 2) I am still worried that I won’t know what to say in the moment. 3) I am often less scared to share the gospel after I have spoken with a few people. 4) I am always surprised and thankful for the scripture that comes to mind when people ask questions.

Left side of Pismo Pier

The left side of the pier offered spectacular views of the clouds during the cold day and was as sparsely populated as I remember it during January.

Right side of Pismo Pier

The right side of the pier offered similar views and a lack of people.

Down Pismo Pier

No matter how cold it is there are always people fishing along the sides and end of the pier.

Pelicans on the pier

The pelicans also seemed to be enjoying their time on the pier.



Amazing Discipleship

I was able to spend a few hours with two like minded men, Shane and Jay.  I am so encouraged to be able to study the bible with them.  We read and talked about passages relating to What is the Gospel, the Sufficiency of the Gospel, the Role of the Holy Spirit in Discipleship, and some other topics.

Studying for Discipleship

It is so encouraging to be sitting with two men and look up to them pouring over the bible and talking about the word of God.  True discipleship is grounded in the word of God.  The Holy Spirit guides the believer in the scriptures and reveals more of who Christ, John 14:26 and John 15:26.

Joy of Discipleship

It is a true joy to be able to join them for an unexpected and very encouraging time where I felt that I was getting discipled.  Discipleship is a great time of being convicted by the word and challenged to become more like Christ.

Friendship and Child Evangelism

I had a wonderful visit with some friends up in Templeton, CA.  It was great to catch up on what has been going on in both of our eventful lives.

Chris and me

I have known Chris for years and it is great to have a friend who allows me to wear 49er gear in his house even though he is a Seahawks fan.

Boys with toys

One of the things that we caught up on where my recent journey’s to Germany and Brazil.  I had some show and tell items that I brought back from Brazil and the boy’s decided to model them for me.  My personal favorite is the gaucho knife that Chris is holding.

Children with gospel tracts

A common practice for me is to hand out gospel tracts both to kids and adults.  While Chris and I were catching up with life I used this opportunity to share the gospel with his boy’s using gospel tracts.  They had fun playing with the gospel tracts but we were also able to read them and use them to have a short conversation about the gospel.

Savory and Sweet Fellowship

Last week I was able to enjoy some savory and sweet fellowship with some brothers in Christ.

Fellowship over food 1

We first enjoyed some savory fellowship at Lenchita’s Mexican Restaurant.  Lenchita’s was a favorite place of JR’s that he wanted to share with the rest of us.  This place served Mexican food from scratch. The taco’s were good and also the chili relleno.  We had a wonderful time eating and talking.

Fellowship over food 2

Brian, Andrew, JR, Nathan, Alex and myself next went for some sweet fellowship at Krispy Kreme and were able to enjoy some hot fresh donuts.  This was Brian’s introduction to Krispy Kreme.