Acts 29 Nashville Boot camp Day 1

Day 1 of Acts 29 Boot Camp was awesome. The LORD really taught me some stuff today. I am so thankful for Brian Loritts, Scott Thomas, Ray Ortlund, and James MacDonald. I would say that each of these men taught me at least one thing which I really needed to hear.

Brian Loritts really revealed that I need to have a balance between being tough and tender. Jesus delivered a message to John the Baptist and his disciples which was both tough and tender at the same time in Matthew 11:1-30. I really felt that he was talking to me and I enjoyed having to deal with my heart.

Scott Thomas delivered a message which was equally challenging to me about the church planter needing to really be focused on getting the vertical relationship’s right before the horizontal relationships. No matter how much the man may think that he is the one driving this there is no doubt that it is only God who is driving all that happens in the church.

Ray Orlund spoke about the marriage of the church planter and how that really affects the church. It is vital for the church planter to have a marriage which reflects Christ and the church. I am so thankful for that reminder and the encouragement for the church planter to get his marriage right.

James MacDonald had all of us eating out of his hand for the entire message. His reminder of how God is Sovereign was great to hear. I am so thankful for the encouragement from Acts 12 to pray, trust in the LORD, and expect the LORD to provide even when it seems impossible. I need to remember that when things are tough that the reminder of God is in control.


Fish and Cicada

Tennessee is home to some very interesting things. First of all I hear that East Tennessee has some great fishing. I was with some of my friends at Laurel Mountain Lake. We enjoyed our time even though there were not too many fish biting. However, I was able to catch a blue gill using some bass bait. Check out the fish that I caught, it is about the size of my hand.

The other thing which we heard and saw were Cicada. Cicada are bugs with beady red eyes and come out every seven years. They make a winning sound and it can be very loud at times. The good thing is that they don’t really destroy the plants and only come out for a couple of weeks every seven years. I don’t know what I would do if I had to hear that noise for more than a few weeks.

Harvest U – Day 3

Harvest U was a greatly encouraging time for all in the Harvest Tellico group. We were so excited that there were people who wouldn’t say how encouraged they were for fear that they would be too stirred emotionally.

A highlight of my time was the graduation of Aaron Dogotch from the Harvest Training Center. They delivered a wonderful charge to each of the men. 

I also really appreciated that they included the wives in the graduation as they are a very important part of their time at the Training Center and their ministry in the future.

Harvest U – Day 2

Today we were blessed to hear a great message by James MacDonald on the church. I am really excited to be here as I have been able to not only be encouraged but to catch up with many different friends who have planted or are serving at Harvest Bible Chapel’s. One of the greatest things which I enjoy at conferences is the worship which we are able to have with about 2,500 people.

There are multiple Harvest Bible tracts which some of our group has been going to. There are some of us going to worship, biblical soul care, children’s ministry, small groups, assimilation, and leadership. I enjoyed hearing about the multiple experiences which people had at the different sessions. Here is our group getting ready to really enjoy some group time which ended our day.

Harvest U – Day 1

We have arrived at Chicago to go to Harvest U. It was a nice long drive which I really enjoyed. I especially enjoyed the conversations in the car.

When we arrived at Harvest Bible Chapel we enjoyed a wonderful set of worship. I can not express the joy which I had worshiping. Worship was wonderful check out what we saw at Harvest Bible Chapel Elgin. We were also able to really sit down and pray with other people from Harvest Bible Chapel’s from all over the world.  I really appreciated the prayer time as we were able to pray about various aspects of church planting and church life.

Following the prayer and worship time we went as a group to eat. Check out the wonderful people from Harvest Tellico who were able to come to Harvest U.


I am in awe of some of the beautiful sunsets which are seen from the back of the house.

It is these sunsets which remind me of the great way that the LORD ends the day and actually reminds us of his power. It was the LORD who created the world and who paints the sunsets in the sky. The natural beauty is a great site to behold.