Gas Prices Following me!

I was looking forward cheaper gas as one of the bonuses for moving to Tennessee. Unfortunately there has been an increase in gas prices sense I have been here. I guess that if this is the worst thing that I can complain about than I am doing pretty well. I can take a little solace in that the gas prices in California are higher.


Beautiful Eastern Tennessee

Eastern Tennessee is more beautiful than I thought it would be. I expected to see the old barn houses and the rolling hills. I will assure you that the hills are very rolling and they are steep, it just about killed my dad and I running up a hill this morning. In the afternoon dad and I went for a trip into the Appalachian Mountains about 30 minutes south east of Madisonville. Check out the old barn we found while driving through a valley in the Mountains.

As much as I expected the beauty I did not expect to find a river or waterfalls that would amaze me like Bald River Falls. These falls made me almost want to go and jump in. I think that I can get behind the falls if I go in on the bottom right and get behind the falls. I can’t wait for it to get warmer so that I can go and try it out.

The joy which I had driving up this river was very evident. I can’t wait to get residency and then get a fishing license to go and fly fish on this river. The hiking possibilities are also plentiful. I met with some of the guys on Friday morning and have already been invited for a hiking adventure in the mountains. I am definitely going to enjoy it out here.

I am in Tennessee

Check it out, they put up a sign welcoming me to Tennessee. 

Tennessee is more beautiful than I thought. I didn’t think that it would be as pretty as it actually is. There is no doubt that this is where I am supposed to be right now. I was walking through downtown Madisonville and I was struck by the amount of people who were present in this approximately 4,000 person city. I am very excited to be here and to begin witnessing and seeing how the LORD will bring about this church plant.

If you do not believe that I have actually arrived just check out the haggard look 😉 on my fathers face and the car being totally loaded. 

Thank you for all of your prayers and support.

Skies of the Journey and conversations in the car

One of the most spectacular parts of the drive has been the skies above as we drive across the United States.

Every morning we are treated to an amazing sunrise. Check out this one near Albuquerque New Mexico.

Following the sunrise we have enjoyed some clear skies throughout most of our trip.  The planes of Texas and Oklahoma have really been spectacularly level. 

Not to be outdone or left out there were some clouds which we found as we got to eastern Oklahoma and into western Arkansas.

Probably the best part of this trip has been the conversations which my dad. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them and their range from the spiritual to funny stories.

On a side note we averaged 25 miles per gallon which means that the van is still performing beyond even our greatest hopes.

I am excited to be staying in Fort Smith Arkansas right now knowing that tomorrow I should be an Madisonville, Tennessee.

3 States in One Day on the Open Road

It is not that I have not driven through part of 3 states in one day before but it is simply that I have driven up and down California so many times that driving 800+ miles in one day may not even get me out of the state. Today we drove from California through Arizona and are currently in New Mexico.

Dad and I left early to this beautiful sunrise.

Following the early start we continued along seeing all of the beautiful open spaces in Arizona and New Mexico. The car is performing great averaging 23 miles per gallon while fully loaded with lots of stuff and two large guys.

Don’t you love the open road also?

Smoking in Bakersfield

The auto shop ran my car through it’s paces and didn’t work out in the morning. Cylinder number 6 didn’t fire properly because the spark plug wire had grounded. My dad went home and picked up the replacement wiring harness so they could fix the spark plug wire.

About 1 we got home from the auto shop and I packed while my dad replaced the spark plugs and wires. As you can see my packing went really well.

Dad and I were able to fit comfortably in the car and head to Bakersfield. The car runs well and I am looking forward to the rest of the trip.

Upon arriving at Bakersfield we checked into our hotel which I booked. Unfortunately the non-smoking hotel room I booked is actually a smoking room. They sprayed some deodorizer in the room but it really didn’t help that much. I guess that it will make it easier to leave early in the morning.

Next stop Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Tennessee or Bust

Tomorrow I will head out to Tennessee with my dad. The only thing which will stop us from leaving is that I have not gotten back my mini van back from having the transmission rebuilt.

We hope to have it back tomorrow so that I can repack it like it was when I got here. 

Note on the packing: I have consolidated some of the boxes and think that there is a good chance that I will have enough room for both me and my dad to drive to Tennessee.

Trouble Changing Gears

One of the things which I was terrified about while going to Tennessee was car trouble. When I got to Sacramento I went to get the transmission fluid flushed and they told me that the transmission fluid was burnt and contained metal flakes. The suggested remedy was to rebuild the transmission. This was a bummer but they were also able to fix a couple of issues associated with a check engine light which was on also. I am so thankful that this happened in Sacramento and not on the road where I would not know anyone. It seems like it has all worked out and it will be fixed by Monday (Hopefully).

(This is not my transmission fluid but represents what it looked like (minus the metal flakes), it should have been a pink or a dark red.)



Also I do have a change in plans. I did not want to change travel arrangements, I will miss seeing some friends along the way. But my father’s wisdom (yes even us older folk still get to listen to our parents) pointed out that the difference in the mileage was not that much and the weather was significantly better. Therefore I will be going along Highway 40 through the south rather than going along Highway 80 to the north.

So far I think that this trip has been almost like I was expecting. I figured that something crazy would happen. If the transmission is the craziest thing that happens than it will be an easy trip.

Excited and Terrified to Go

There are many reasons why I am excited to go to Tennessee to help with Harvest Tellico.

1. I have see the provision of the LORD in the pursuit of this church planting opportunity. The top three provisions amongst many are as follows: many people have agreed to be praying for me and the church plant, my father agreed to drive out with me, and all projected expenses to get out to Tennessee have been covered.

2. I am looking forward to the great adventure of heading out to Tennessee where I have not been. There is great excitement in traveling to a place where you have not gone to before.

3. I hear that 4 seasons are beautiful. I have only lived in places where there are two seasons, Hot and not so Hot.

4. I hear and understand that there are wonderful people out in Tennessee who I am greatly looking forward to meeting and talking with.

5. Moving out to Tennessee will really allow me to actively see the provision which is promised in Matthew 6:25-34. The promises of food and clothing are made to those who seek after Christ and his Kingdom first. I am convinced that going to Tennessee is what God would have me do to seek him. The excitement comes in seeing that he has provided in amazing ways so far and I have no doubt he will continue.

Along with the excitement of going there is the terror that also comes with going to help with Harvest Tellico.

1. I am terrified that I am going to an area where I only know two people. It is almost like going to Texas this past summer where I only knew one person a little and he was leaving. (I know that I will make more friends in Tennessee. It is just a matter of time.)

2. In the same way as I am excited to see where I am going to live or where I am going to work. I am terrified to not know right now how it will all work out. (I guess that this is what living by faith not by sight means.)

Leaving Temecula

Well, I am all packed up. There is only one lone box which didn’t make it. I really don’t even see how I could get anything more in the car. Notice how low it rides in the back. I think that it is due to all of the books.

One thing I can’t figure out is… How will dad fit into the car on the trip to Tennessee? 

I guess that I will have until Sacramento to figure that one out. Suggestions anyone?