Top 10 Things I will miss about California

This top 10 is not in order.

1) Friends – I will miss those times of crazy trips, wonderful catching up, and every moment in between. I am sure I will make more friends in Tennessee but it does not mean I won’t miss those in California.

2) Shooting – I really enjoyed shooting with my friends and cousin. Although there is a good chance I may shoot more in Tennessee.

3) Yosemite – I don’t know if there is a way to match the beauty of driving into the Yosemite Valley when it is all green and the waterfalls are flowing fast. I am looking forward to seeing Tennessee, everything that I have seen is green and beautiful.

4) Kaleo – The friends that I have made in Kaleo will last for eternity. 

5) Faith Bible / Placerita Baptist Churches – You have been really influential in my walk with Christ. I know that Harvest Bible Fellowship Knoxville/Tellico will also be very influential.

6) Natural Beauty – From the Pacific Ocean to the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, California has it all. Tennessee has its own natural beauty but California will always have a spot in my heart.

7) Discipleship Relationships – Those who have discipled me and those I have discipled have really become great friends and almost like brothers.

8) Family – It has been wonderful to be able to spend time with my family over Christmas, other Holiday’s, and especially just during random times.

9) I will miss California sports as they normally take place from 9-12 at night east coast time.

10) I will miss home. That includes the one’s in Sacramento, Santa Clarita, and Menifee. They are all home even if I have not lived in them for a while.


Why Church Planting? (A Brief Theology)

There are three major reasons why to plant churches. The first is that church planting is the result of Christ’s call to make disciples. Secondly church planting was established and practiced by the early church. Thirdly evangelism and discipleship naturally results in planted churches.

Christ’s call to make disciples in Matthew 28:18-20 serves essentially as a call to plant churches. No disciple would be complete without an understanding of the importance that the church has in the plan of Christ. Matthew 16:18 refers to the church being built so that even the gates of Hades will not overpower it. Christ’s call to the disciples was to make other disciples thus planting churches.

Planting Churches was a pattern established by the early church. Paul and Barnabas were specifically set apart in Acts 13:2 as the first church planters who were sent out by the early church. Paul’s life and ministry journeys testify to the pattern of establishing churches by going to the major cities evangelizing and then following up by returning and appointing elders.

The natural result of evangelism and discipleship is planting churches. It was the practice of the early church to send out people to preach the gospel everywhere which results in the transformation of souls, Romans 8:1-4. Following the transformation of people they are called to present their bodies as instruments of righteousness, Romans 12:1-2 . This is naturally followed by the establishment of meeting places which would then become established churches planted in the community.


I have really enjoyed catching up with friends recently. There are many times where I really stand in awe of my friends. They have many wonderful stories. I think back on a couple of friends who I got back in contact with over the last couple of months. I can not think of how blessed I am to have such great friends. They are hard workers, great thinkers, and awesome people.

Friends are some of the most amazing parts of life. I could not imagine life without friends. Throughout my life there have been really three types of friends. The ones which you always see, the ones which you rarely see, and the ones that you catch up with after some time.

I personally really enjoy the time with the friends that I always see. They are the ones which you spend lots of time and have amazing experiences with. These are the friends who you would be sitting on the couch with and then go to Yosemite 30 minutes later on a whim.

Friends who you rarely see  are the next category of friends. I think of these friends are those who you have spent lots of time with in the past. Now due to life situations you can not spend time with consistently. I find that I really want to spend time with them and am unable to make it happen.

Finally there are those friends who you catch up with after some time. I have recently enjoyed catching up with these friends. I can not tell you how much fun I have had simply talking with friends who I have not hung out with for a few years. The most cherished part of these friendships is that it is like you never left these people. The only bummer is that two hours of talking seems like only 20 minutes.