Why Church Planting? (a brief glimpse at the journey)

I can blame this idea on one fateful conversation that I had with Drew back in college. We were two young men who thought we should be pastors. We were not close to being pastors back in college so we figured that we could be pastors if we went to plant a church in Africa. (Because we all know that anyone who wants to be a pastor can plant a church in Africa without many problems.) It would give us experience and a great opportunity to preach and teach. (Which is what we wanted to do anyways.) I had never thought of planting a church until Drew brought it up. (It is all your fault.) After he broached the subject I shot it down. (It seemed to impractical at the time.) I figured that it would be the end of it, but I was so wrong.

After we left for seminary I still was unable to get the idea of church planting out of my head. Not that I did not try by focusing on other opportunities, like becoming a preacher or for a while an engineer. The idea of church planting never went away, it was like an itch which you can never get rid of no matter how much you ignore or put balm on it. So I took the church planting class in seminary and it only served to stoke the fires. However upon graduation from seminary it was still not the right time or place to plant a church, but the thought continued to burned strong.

As even working as a geotechnical engineering I could not get it out of my head,  I am supposed to be planting churches. I figured that there would come a time where I was going to have to choose between engineering and ministry (church planting) but I had no idea what the LORD would actually do to get me there. He laid me off from work.

That began an almost two-year odyssey in which the LORD took me many places. Home (to help out my parents in Sacramento), Uganda (to see if missions is the right place), Israel (to see the Holy Land), Yosemite (to see God’s creation), Texas (to serve as an intern at Grace Bible Church), and other places. During this time he was providing the entire way.

It was during my time in Texas that the LORD provided that opportunity to scratch that church planting itch. (More to come on a later post.) I am compelled to go and plant churches. This begins with going to help plant one church in eastern Tennessee.


Blog Dedication

This blog’s primarily purpose is to provide a record of thoughts and events along my journey through life. Knowing my propensity some of these posts will be spiritual in nature, some will be deep thoughts, and some will be very superficial.

The secondary purpose of this blog is to provide a chronology of a Church Plant in eastern Tennessee.